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Every action in this world will bear a consequence. And even though consequence for our actions might appear to be missing in society today, be assured that everything we do either builds someone (or ourselves) up, or breaks them down.

What we do in this life, ripples in eternity, so what better way to prepare for forever than to allow God to touch our lives and initiate those ripples. Allowing Him into our lives means that there needs to be changes. The fact that God is love doesn’t mean anything goes! Because I love my wife and she loves me doesn’t mean that we can be unfaithful to one another and do whatever. That love means we act in a certain way despite what we sometimes might be feeling. God will never stop loving us, no matter what we do, but if we claim to love Him, then we need to walk as Jesus did – and that’s a life of faithfulness and love for others.

Letting go and giving everything into His sovereign hands leads to the most exciting life ever. It’s not always easy, but the rewards are out of this world.

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