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Let’s Go!


Ideas are fantastic and dreams are essential because without them, nothing is possible. But there comes a time when we need to get out of the clouds of ideas and hit the ground running.

Whatever our calling and purpose might be, the fact that God has called us to something doesn’t mean it will just happen. He certainly equips us to achieve what His called us to do, but He expects us to work at it. A coach gives athletes all the information they need to succeed. But it’s ridiculous to think that information and motivation is all that is needed to win. Sweat and tears are part of the deal. Training when your competitors are resting gives you the edge and it builds resilience in you to keep going when others give up.

That hunger we have in our hearts and that flame we have in your souls, need to be lived out. It will take determination, dedication and overcoming frustration. But that’s the only way we will ever turn that flame into a raging fire and the only way we will still that hunger. Unless we live out our purpose and calling, we will never truly live a fulfilling life.

Let’s decide today that there will be no more excuses. Let’s keep our eyes on the goal when things get tough and remember the reward waiting when we feel like giving up. Let’s pursue our purpose with determination and resilience and become all that God has created us to be. Success is more than just accumulating wealth and working hard in a job. True success is living a life filled with passion and purpose.

Dream it, chase it, do it!

Have an amazing day and weekend.



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