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How much do you want it?


I have yet to see a committed athlete who sees the finish line and slows down. I have yet to see a pole vaulter slow down as he approaches the crossbar or a long jumper, as she approaches the plank. The more speed, the more likely they are to overcome the obstacle.

Sam Kendricks, the world pole vaulting champion, says that he’s not competing against other athletes. It’s between him and the obstacle. He wants others to succeed just as much as he would like to succeed. There’s a lesson in that. Whatever our goals are in life, we need to win, not because we want to beat everyone else, but because we want to overcome the obstacles that stand in our way. And the only way we will ever achieve that, is if we take the first step, and we continue to build up momentum throughout the journey.

Some say that it doesn’t matter how slow you move, as long as you continue to move forward. I say that there will be times when obstacles will slow you down, but accepting a slow pace will eventually lead to accepting a standstill. Don’t allow complacency to set in. Being content with what you have, doesn’t mean you ever need to be content with where you are in life. We must always strive to improve – to love more, give more, care more and be more. Stay committed to your goal, pick up the pace and finish strong.

Have an awesome day and may God’s face shine on you today.


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