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Things that really matter


“Our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that really matter!”

So many voices shout about the importance of status, being accepted, making money, being popular, wearing designer clothes and being perfect, that we have completely lost perspective. We’ve become stressed and feel like failures because we can’t live up to these unnecessary expectations. The truth is that the only way they become expectations, is if we make them expectations.

We shouldn’t live our lives based on what society expects. The only motivation for our actions should be “LOVE”. Love is the only thing that really matters. Love is the only thing that our lives need to illuminate. Love doesn’t mean we accept everything and go along with every whim! But when we stand up for what is right, we need to do it in love.  When we walk away from any encounter with anybody, we need to ask ourselves, “Did I make them feel loved?”

As Christians, it’s time to start showing the world what we DO stand for. We stand for LOVE! So let’s start a revival by illuminating our homes, our schools and our workplaces with love. Jesus changed this world with His love and He’s asking us to do the same.

Have an awesome day!


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