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Start Today


I’m staying in my job because it’s familiar and it’s too much effort to change. I’m staying put where I live because I’m comfortable. What happens if I make a change and it doesn’t work out? What happens if I pursue my passion and it turns out different to what I imagined. It just isn’t practical and wise.

Unfortunately, if you and I follow Christ, then we are going to need to change our way of thinking. Not much makes sense from a worldly perspective when God calls us to do something. How much logic was there for Joshua and his army to march around a city in an attempt to take over Jericho? How sensible was it for David to take on someone 3 times his size with the most primitive of weapons? How ridiculous is it, from a worldly perspective, to do something for someone else if I can’t get anything out of it?

Staying where things are easy and familiar will get you to miss out on the most exciting life. The purpose you have always been looking for is at the end of your comfort zone, because that’s where your calling begins. Anyone can do something when it doesn’t cost them much. But when we pursue something that requires a complete sacrifice – that’s when faith is needed and when purpose is born.

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