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There has been such an emphasis on mental health in Australia, following the recent death of a well-known sportsman. Sharing your issues and talking about your problems with someone is a good idea, but not really a solution to a huge issue in modern day society.

I believe that the best way to be content, is to realise that everything in life is a miracle. The fact that I have a beating piece of tissue in my chest that keeps pumping blood to every part of my body is a miracle. The fact that blood is racing around in tiny little “pipes” is a miracle. The fact that there is a grey mass in my skull which controls every movement and function of my body, is a miracle. The fact that we live on a ball flying through space at a tremendous speed is a miracle. The fact that this ball stays on course and spins around at astronomical speeds is a miracle. The fact that you and I don’t go flying off is a miracle.

If we can live every day, realizing what a miracle we are, what a miracle it is to be alive and what a miracle creation is, then we might begin to focus less on the little things in the bigger scheme of things. It’s realizing that simply being alive is a blessing. It’s realizing that the God of all creation loves you and I so much, that He has given us this life.

On the other hand, instead of hoping for miracles to happen in our lives, we need to be the ones who make them happen, by working hard and going after our dreams and visions. Sitting back and waiting for our ship to come in won’t achieve anything. Swimming to it, will. Feeling depressed because our lives aren’t going the way we want them to, is a result of expecting things just to fall in place, and not realizing the miracles that are around is.

Have an amazing day by living a life of gratitude and being a go-getter.


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