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Small Leaks


Distractions prevent us from doing the things that are really important. It’s our opponent’s way of keeping us from winning. It’s the critic’s way of making us doubt ourselves.

We end up taking our eyes off the goal and focusing on the frivolities. So often we are aware of the major distractions and make sure that they don’t get us off course. But the danger is when we don’t recognize the small distractions.  It’s often these little distractions that sink our dreams.

Watch out for the unassuming negative comments from people (even friends) about your dreams and calling. Be aware of that little voice of doubt that keeps on trying to convince you that what you want to do is too big for you. Remind it that it sure is bigger than you, but never bigger than Your God who has called you to do it.

Have an amazing day as you pursue your calling. Don’t allow your BIG dreams to be sunk by small distractions.


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