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Waiting for your ship


One of things that most 70+ people regret, is not taking more risks. Every single one of us want to achieve something great in our lives, yet very few of us will. The reason for that isn’t that we can’t, but rather that we weren’t willing to take the risks that are involvedĀ  with extra-ordinary achievements.

We have been created with gifts that are directly linked to our calling. He is right there, backing us all the way and encouraging us to leave the shore of comfort into a life of purpose. The big question is this: “Am I more attracted to a life of safety and comfort than to a life of risk and reward?” We can’t have both. Waiting for our ship to come in doesn’t work. Swimming to it, does.

God is calling His children to build bridges. If we want to build a bridge, we have to get into the water. We have to get wet. We have to leave the safety of our comfort zones. We have to venture into the unknown. But here’s the thing… we are venturing there with the One who knows that territory better than anyone. How much do we want it? Nobody said it would be easy. Climbing Mt. Everest isn’t easy, but they say that the view from the top is worth dying for. Swimming to your ship won’t be easy either. I swim 2.5km a day and it gets tiring. But the feeling afterwards is amazing.

So, whether you have a mountain to climb or an ocean to swim to get to your purpose- take the first step/stroke and keep moving. Adventurers love doing what they do – not because it’s easy, but because it’s exciting. And they keep doing it because it becomes a lifestyle. Let it become our lifestyle to trust God, to leave the shore/base camp and to keep moving to an exciting life of purpose.

Have an amazing day!


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