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Age is just a number and impossible is nothing. That should be the attitude of every person who feels a calling and has a passion to live life loudly. The problem is that we tend to allow the noise of the critics on the sidelines to affect our performance.

If you feel that your purpose is impossible to achieve, you’re probably right. But then you know that it’s real. Because, you see, God specializes in the impossible – and so should His children. We should know by now that every person who He used in scripture was unqualified. But God doesn’t need qualifications to realize impossible passions and dreams – He simply wants our willingness and faith.

If we choose to play it safe and we don’t choose the impossible task, then we don’t need God. We simply rely on our own abilities and planning. The boat is safe, but it’s boring. Stepping out into the unknown is stepping into an exciting life. Today, God is calling us to trust Him and to listen to that voice calling us to live out that impossible dream and calling, because when we trust Him, He makes the impossible – Unimpossible!

Have an amazing day chasing after those impossible dreams and watch God blow you away!



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