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Even though we would like to do whatever we please, it wouldn’t be good for us. I’d love to drink 25 coffees a day, but it wouldn’t be the best idea. Some of us would love to act on every impulse we have, but imagine if everyone did whatever they pleased without any consideration for others. Well, we do get a little glimpse of that in society today.

Sometimes we are inconsiderate because we tell ourselves that we don’t care what others think of us. That we have rights and can do whatever we please. Deep down we know that we do care! And when we live in a society, we cannot just act on every impulse. There are legal boundaries as to what we are allowed to do. But more importantly are the moral boundaries. Those unseen fences that keep us from walking in the pastures of disregard.

We can choose to ignore them, but in doing so we won’t only hurt others, but also disappoint ourselves. When children are given the opportunity to play on a field that is surrounded by a busy highway, they will tend to crowd the center, which is far away from the danger of the traffic. But when there is a boundary fence, they will explore the whole area and dare to play closer to the road.

Imagine if God just allowed the sea to flood its high tide mark and drown entire cities. Imagine if the earth left its orbit boundary and flew on a chaotic course because it felt like it. A drug addict has an immense desire for the next fix. That doesn’t make that desire a good one. An alcoholic’s desire is that next drink. That desire can kill him. Our desires aren’t always good for us and nobody knows that better than God. He wants to keep us safe within His loving boundaries. It’s not to limit us, but to assure us that we are safe in His presence.

Have an amazing day.

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