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Our perception and attitude determines everything. It’s the old “glass half full/half empty conundrum. And it’s not something we are born with! None of us are born with prejudice, hatred or a negative view of things. We develop them as we spend time in this world – as we watch how the human race act more like animals than animals do.

Still… it is a viewpoint that we choose. Sometimes it’s difficult to see positives in our world, but they are there. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the good in some people, but deep down, everyone has good in them. So don’t give up on making a difference in the world because it requires effort. Don’t wallow in your comfort and live for yourself because it’s easier. We only find true purpose in our lives when we start living for others.

When we choose to be a blessing to those around us is when we truly begin to live. It ALWAYS requires taking a deep breath, a lot of hard work and perseverance. But when we keep moving up, we eventually reach the surface, breathe and truly begin to live. You see, life is more than just existing. Life is about showing the same love to others as Christ showed us. It wasn’t easy for Him. He wasn’t treated fairly. But He did it anyway because that’s what love is – Giving without expecting anything in return.

Make love your ambition. Make living your priority. Make changing your attitude a goal.

Have an amazing day and thanks for being part of the whynotimpact family.


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