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Thermostat or Thermometer


Thermometers simply reflect what the atmosphere around them produces. There is no attempt to stay warm when it is cold, or stay cool when the temperature rises. The circumstances around a thermometer determines how it will react.

As Christians we need to be more like thermostats. These instruments don’t simply surrender to what’s happening around them. When their surroundings get too hot, they cool things down. When the battles we face seem to become too hot for us to deal with, we don’t need to look at our circumstances and boil. God is bigger than anything that we can face. We don’t need to be a reflection of what we are going through, when we can be a reflection of His peace and strength.

The world needs to see a difference in us. Sadly, so often, they see thermometers who give in to their circumstances, when they should be seeing warriors who reflect hope. We can confidently face any heat from any battle because our help doesn’t come from a bottle, pill, person or possession. Our strength and hope comes from The One who created everything.

Have an amazing day knowing that what you are going through doesn’t need to define you when you have Jesus is your life.



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