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Step Over the Line


We very seldom find ourselves being afraid when we are comfortable. But a comfort zone is a place where many a dream has been kidnapped. We all have dreams. We all have an aspiration to do something great. But in order to give birth to that dream, we need to step over the line that separates the comfort zone from the risk area.¬†Refusing to step over that line means that we are over-feeding our fear. That doesn’t leave enough food for our dreams to grow and they slowly start wasting away. Eventually being buried in the graveyard of dreams.

Any great thing that has ever been done or ever been invented needed that step to be taken. There will be challenges and uncertainties! That’s part of leaving your comfort zone. There will be times when you wonder why you ever decided to step out. But with resilience and persistence comes reward. Contrary to the attitude of today’s society, we can’t have it all, right now! It takes hard work, guts and determination. You see, a dream doesn’t mean you’ve got it all worked out. It doesn’t mean you’ve got all the finances and resources to achieve it. But it is the first necessary step in achieving something. And if you are willing to do what it takes to make it a reality, you have achieved far more than most, who have great dreams, but are not ready for the challenges that it entails.

“We will become as small as our controlling desire, and as great as our dominant aspiration.” ¬†

Have an amazing day!

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