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Look Around


This morning, the bus to the station was 1 minute late. The train to Melbourne was 9 minutes late. So frustrating…right? People were getting upset and I was even becoming restless. If small things like this begin to frustrate us, we need to start looking around.

At one of the stops, 4 people in wheelchairs, with their carers, boarded the train. Every single one of them was smiling and seemed excited. As I looked around at the rest of us, I noticed frowns and anxiety on faces. Here we were, on a warm train in the middle of winter, on our way to jobs that so many people don’t have, with a coffee in the hand and everything to be thankful for. Yet, we all seemed as if we had the world on our shoulders.

You see, when we limit our scope to the minor issues in our lives, we fail to recognise the real needs of others. It’s this selfish attitude that creates a world of despair in the lives of so many. Let’s begin to look around and to find real problems around us.  Let’s get out of our comfort tents, pack them up and move into a world where we have so much to offer those who have real problems. Instead of asking God, “Why don’t You do something about the world’s problems?” let’s hear His answer, “I did! I created YOU!”

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