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Is it Time to Turn?


This past weekend was a long weekend in Australia. We are reasonably new to Victoria  and had to travel to Albury to a soccer tournament that both our boys were involved in. There was some great music going and the weather was perfect for the 4 hour journey.

About 3 hours into the trip, signs to Adelaide seemed to be appearing more frequently and that seemed strange. That’s when Bev asked me how Albury / Aubury is spelt. She had been navigating on the latter spelling, but we were actually supposed to be going to Albury. Re-setting Google Maps, we found that we were now 5 hours away from where we wanted to be. A trip that was meant to take 4 hours, took 8. It’s quite a story and parents of the boys’ teammates thought it was hilarious. So did we, actually.

The great thing about our story is that we realised we were going the wrong way and we did something about it. So often in life we make a bad choice that leads us in the wrong direction, but we are travelling so slowly, that we hardly notice it. We get so far down that wrong road because the enemy is happy when we are side-tracked. He makes the road smooth and effortless. And when we realise our mistake, we are so far down the wrong track that we often struggle to find our way back.

But the great news is that God allows U-turns. No matter how far into the wilderness you and I might have wandered, it’s never too late to turn back. And once we are back in line with His will, let’s never again allow the distractions of this world to lead us in the wrong direction. And say with me, “I have decided to follow Jesus… No turning back.”

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