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Heart Glasses


Things happen (that’s the nice way of putting it). Nobody is immune to the challenges and difficulties in life. You might be shocked to hear it, but not even if you follow Jesus.  In fact, He’s the One who says, “You will have trouble…”

In the past I would shake my fist at heaven and ask God why He wouldn’t do something. Why He wouldn’t catch things in my life that might be falling; fix things in our messed-up world. And often He wouldn’t. I felt abandoned and unimportant in His eyes. The more those clouds came billowing into my life, the more I would question Him? It became a wrestling match that, in my arrogance” I thought I could pin God down and persuade Him to see things my way.

Once I realised there was no way I could take on God, I handed everything to Him. That’s when He began to soften my heart. He gave me a pair of “heart glasses”.  Now I see things in a different light. Those dark clouds don’t scare me anymore. Now they seem to brighten up my sunsets with so much more colour. You see, when things always go right in our lives, we will never appreciate all God’s blessings. In fact, we probably won’t even see the need for Him. Maybe that’s why we shout “Oh my God” when something terrible happens. Intrinsically we all know that God is real and that we need Him. When we  flippantly tell people that our prayers are with them, it’s proof that God is not a fairy tale.

When it rains again in your and my life, let’s realise, that what seems to be pain, might be a blessing found in the rain.

Have an amazing day!


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