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Impossible is Nothing


Adidas has a great slogan, “Impossible is nothing”. I don’t believe that because I wear that brand of clothing; I believe it because God whispers in my heart every morning…

  • “I am with you”
  • “If I am for you, who can be against you”

And then… just so that we don’t forget, he tells us 365 times in His Word, “Do not fear”. It seems to me that God is trying to tell us something. Maybe we need to start believing Him and stop believing the naysayers around us, and the chatterbox inside of us. Maybe we need to start following the passion He has put in our hearts and stop wasting time with frivolous activities. We are all born with nothing. The amount of time we have in each day is the same for everyone. Every day is a new canvas that we need to paint.

The thing we need to remember is that a painting depicts something, and it’s there for others to benefit from. That’s the same with your and my life. What does your life depict and is it only about you, or are you living to bless others. We only begin to find our true purpose when we start to consider others, help others and focus on the well-being of others. That’s when the meaning of life becomes clearer. And when we live like that, our lives depict Jesus.

Why not pursue great things for a great cause? Why not live so that we will be remembered. Not for who we are, but for what we stand for… Love… Grace… Jesus.

Have an awesome day!


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