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Some of us might not have stairs in our homes, but we all ascend or descend figurative stairs in our lives. The question we need to ask ourselves is this: “What does each step that I take, look like?”

In order to climb the staircase of life, our attitude might need to change. You see, when we feel that the world is against us and we find fault in everything and everyone, then we are on a downward spiralled staircase. We soon feel abandoned and forgotten, even by God. The direction we end up looking in, is downwards. There’s nothing there to inspire or motivate.

But when we choose to look at things from a different angle as we stand on the platform of our present circumstances, and we decide to turn our hearts to God, then we are drawn up the stairway of praise and gratitude. No matter what we are going through, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Instead of looking at all the things that are going wrong, choose to look at that which is going right. And if you can’t find a single thing to be thankful for – GO TO THE CROSS.

What Jesus did for me on the cross, far surpasses anything that might be hurting me at the moment. His grace is more than enough to sustain me through difficult times. I know that there might be struggles in this world, but nothing can steal the joy that I have in Him. My soul is safe in Him. That’s the staircase that I choose to climb everyday. And the view from being in His presence, can never be taken away by a downward staircase, without me allowing myself to go that way.

Have an amazing day as you walk UP the stairs of praise!


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