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No matter who we are, we all want to change some things in our lives. Maybe, for some, it’s slowing down and spending more time doing things that really matter. For others it might be working towards that promotion. And still others might just find themselves in dire straits and want to get out of that cycle of poverty and despair.

But here’s the simplest, yet most profound advice: Nothing will change in our lives, unless we do things differently! Sitting around complaining about how tough life is, WON’T CHANGE ANYTHING! Maybe we need to do things differently for the result to be different. We can go on complaining about, and blaming others for our circumstances, or we can accept the fact that this is where we are, but refuse to remain there.

This might sound odd, but sometimes we find comfort in complaining and in the sympathy of others. Moving forward towards change can be a lonely road that requires resilience. If it means we need to break chains that are closing our doors of opportunity – break them. If it means locking other doors that are distracting us from becoming all we have been created to be, then lock them. Don’t allow anything or anyone to stand in your way to becoming a better, more loving and more focused person – especially not old habits and people who are willing to applaud mediocrity.

You and I were born to be winners. We were born to achieve. We were born to make every second count. We were NOT created to be mediocre or average. God has placed something in each one of us that is unique. Your DNA is one of a kind. And when we realise that, and accept Jesus Christ into our lives, something amazing happens. Our DNA doesn’t reveal our flaws, or poverty or “lack of pedigree”. It’s the DNA of a champion because we are identified as a child of the One True King.

Here’s something we all need to hear that God is saying to us this morning/evening…

“I have opened a door for you that no man can close.” (Revelation 3:8)

Don’t be the one to close that door in your own life! Have an amazing door- day, as you open new doors to a brilliant life that awaits.




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