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Go right


It’s so much easier doing the wrong thing without even realising it. Often, acting or thinking the wrong way comes naturally because we’ve made it a habit. I have made a conscious decision not to get upset while driving. It’s really not very easy because it’s been part of my DNA for the past 30 years. Having lived in South Africa and Taiwan, where the driving is appalling and chaotic, didn’t make it any easier.

Yesterday I was driving somewhere when a random person behind me hooted and almost injured himself as he gestured to me for doing something that he deemed to be “wrong”. I, in turn, did pull a muscle gesturing (not in a rude way) back. It was almost as if the one who could win the gesturing battle, would win the “argument”. Immediately after the incident, I felt disappointed with myself, even though I knew I had “won”.

There are certain battles that we don’t need to fight. In fact, there are certain things that we consider to be battles, that aren’t. Proving your superiority on the road is one of them. Now don’t get me wrong. There are battles that need to be fought. Poverty, racism and exploitation are things that we need to stand up for. But when we do, it must never leave us feeling disappointed in ourselves. The truth is that all issues in the world find their origin in the battle to be right, and in selfishness.

If each one of us would be willing to start with ourselves, it could lead to the beginning of a breakthrough that would make the world a better place. When things go wrong and everyone seems to follow, be different. Don’t go the wrong way and do the wrong thing. Don’t try and win that battle if it causes you to lose your peace. Do the right thing and always make sure that your motives are pure and your actions and words are motivated by love.

Have an amazing day!


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