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What will it be?


We live in an era in which society can’t make up its mind. We are bombarded with messages that we need to be ourselves and not be swayed by what everyone else says or does. The message is, “Think what you want, do whatever makes you happy and don’t allow anyone to mess with the freedom you have to do so.”

We question the behaviour of today’s young people, while promoting a message of “Do whatever makes you happy.” We hate people who live out what they believe, even though we love to say that there is freedom of religion. We persecute people who’s views don’t conform to what everyone else thinks, yet we talk about being a society where there is freedom of speech. We consider ourselves pro-life, yet we condone abortion. We love to preach acceptance, yet we are racist. We plaster our views and photos all over social media, but complain about the lack of privacy on Facebook. Here’s a bit of information… that’s why it’s called social. It’s there for everyone to see.

We don’t seem to know what we want. It’s no wonder that individuals feel confused. Should we be ourselves or shouldn’t we? Should we conform to society? If we do, does society actually know what it wants? Do you see the dilemma we find ourselves in? If our only reference that we are guided by is, what society does, we are in for a very confusing future. But if we find our direction from the One who is The Way, we will not go wrong.

For me it is to follow Jesus! He tells me to not condemn anyone, but to love all people. That certainly doesn’t mean that I agree with their views and the things they do. If anyone asked my opinion on abortion or racism, I will clearly give it, but would hope that the person who disagrees with my views, would pay me the same courtesy of respecting those views, as I would theirs.

As a Christian, it’s time to make clear decisions and stick to them. We can’t have our cake and eat it. We can’t serve God, and fall in with what society believes. Being a Christian in today’s world is controversial and difficult. But doing it without wavering, and doing it in love, is what we are called to do.

What will it be for you? As for me and my house… we will serve the Lord without wavering!

Have an awesome, unwavering day.


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