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Question yourself???

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One day flows into the next without us even noticing. Can you believe that a third of 2019 is gone? It feels like yesterday that we celebrated “surviving” 2018, and welcomed 2019 with great anticipation and enthusiasm.

I don’t believe that anyone sets out to be a bad person. We all have dreams to make a difference in some or other way. We all want to be successful and good at what we do. We all have goals and a vision for our lives. Why then, do some people manage to turn those dreams into a reality and others don’t? After all, every person has 1440 minutes a day at their disposal. Those who make their lives count don’t get an extra few hours handed to them.

We love thinking that we’re too busy”. If you and I want our lives to impact others and to inspire those around us, we can make it happen. But it will only happen if we make that a priority, not just an intention. You see, we devote our time to the things that matter the most to us. If I spend most of my time in a job that I hate, then my priority is not to be happy. If I spend most of my time on technology, then my priority is not to build real relationships. If I spend most of my time on being comfortable, then my priority is not to challenge myself and to grow. If I spend most of my time focusing on my desires, then my priority is not to make a difference.

The first thing we need to do is to ask ourselves, “What do I want to achieve in my life?” That question is more difficult to answer than it might seem. Imagine the regrets you might have on your death bed one day. Once we have come up with an honest answer, we will get a clear picture of what our goals should be. In order to reach those goals, we need to make them a priority. That will mean sacrificing things that are eating into those 1440 minutes every day. It will mean making life-changing decisions that aren’t always easy, but will give our life purpose and meaning.

My desire is to love and inspire those who are “rejected” by society, by reflecting Jesus’ love. Every night I ask myself the question, “Did my life paint an inspiring picture today?” Most nights I am disappointed with my answer, but I need to keep going. It inspires me to try harder every day. I have also learnt that there are no valid excuses for not dedicating my life for the cause that Jesus has called me to.

Have an amazing day as you paint an inspiring picture for those around you.

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