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Just keep Swimming


Going through struggles is never easy – that’s why it’s called “struggles”! We all face them. Some people’s issues might be a bit more complex than others’, but it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

We often become consumed by things that happen to us. Our problems seem to be the biggest issues in the world. We all go through times when we feel sorry for ourselves. That’s when the most obvious thing seems to be to focus on our issues and how we are going to get out of the deep water we are in. We start swimming – and that’s a good thing! But when we stay afloat just focusing on our problems, it’s like swimming to deeper water where there’s no place to rest.

The craziest, yet best thing to do when struggling with things in our lives, is to move our focus to the struggles of others. When I can’t afford to go out for a fine meal because “Money’s too tight to mention” (as expressed by Simply Red), I can move my focus to help those who haven’t seen a simple piece of bread for a week. When a friend suddenly treats you like a leper, move your gaze to those children who have no place to go and nobody to care for them.

It’s an amazing thing to do when you’re in deep water. While swimming towards others, you end up on the beach – rested and feeling good about life. It’s in focusing on loving others, that we find purpose in life. It’s when we spend all our time loving, that we don’t have time to commiserate about our own issues. So start swimming… in the right direction.

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