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Every Battle isn’t Mine!


Not sure about you, but I’m a justice freak. I want to fix inconsiderate behaviour. When people are being exploited and treated as if they are worthless, my blood boils. I just can’t stand injustice.

Now in itself, that’s not a bad thing. The Bible even tells us to stand up for people who don’t have a voice, and for the rights of all the down-and-outers. We are told to speak out for justice! To fight for the poor and destitute.

In my fight for justice I have discovered a few truths. It’s great when we want to make a difference. Don’t allow anyone to tell you any different. All of us have a specific passion that we feel very strong about defending. It’s important to identify that passion and to pursue it vigorously. Our battle is always found in our passion.

So instead of spreading myself thinly, trying to fight for every injustice in the world, I have learnt that zoning in on the one that I am really passionate about, is the most effective way of making a difference. Because I love children and have experienced injustice as a child myself, my passion is to speak up for kids who lack self-esteem and haven’t been given the opportunities they deserve. Being a teacher and a pastor helps in this fight.

Maybe you feel that your pursuit to change things isn’t changing things at all. It might just be that your amazing efforts to help everyone is wearing you down. And the reason for that is your good heart trying to do too much for too many. Find the cause that you’re really passionate about, pursue it completely and continue to work at it even if you face hurdles. Remember that Satan will try to stop anything that makes him lose ground. See those hurdles as progress. Think of those hindrances as opportunities. Go and win that battle that is yours.

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