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Misty Times


Years ago I was travelling with a friend through the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa. It was early morning and very misty as we drove carefully through the winding mountain passes. Not being able to stop in time, we hit a vehicle that had veered onto the wrong side of the road. Nobody was injured but there was quite a bit of damage to both cars. This marred what was going to be a great trip. We were both obviously disappointed. The accident prevented us from travelling further on that journey, but didn’t stop either of us to go on other trips. It caused damage to both cars, but didn’t change the fact that the mountains around us were spectacular.

There are often “misty days” in all of our lives. Days when unexpected things happen that can lead to disappointment. Days when people hurt us for no reason at all. Days when we make silly decisions that have lingering consequences. When these things happen, we often can’t see the path ahead and we tend to stand still. The fact that today is misty, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a path. The fact that your surroundings seem to be blinded by the mist doesn’t mean that life isn’t awesome. Just keep moving! A sunny future belongs to those who keep moving when life gets misty. Those who continue to walk even when the path isn’t visible.The mist will never disappear if we sit in a heap and despair about what has happened in our past.

It’s when we rise above our circumstances and our failures, that the sun breaks through. Remember that you are not a mistake – you simply make mistakes. You are not a failure – you simply sometimes fail when attempting things. And, by the way, failing is the best way to learn. So instead of sitting in the mist over-thinking our past, let’s rise up and realise that we were brave enough to attempt something in the first place. It is better to have tried and failed, than to have never tried at all. If you can’t find the sunshine… be the sunshine.

I am not the SUM of my mistakes and failures – I am the SON of the One True King. When I turn to face Him, the haze of my past disappears. In Him I find the strength to keep going and to get through those misty days. It’s in Him that Life finds its true meaning.

Have an awesome day!

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