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Never too late


Some people say that watching paint dry is more exciting than watching golf. I have to disagree. A golf tournament is like a well-written novel with twists and turns happening on every page.

In 2009, Tiger was involved in extra-marital affairs. He was arrested for driving under the influence and he ended up in rehab. This was someone who had it all. He was making an astronomical amount of money, had a beautiful family and had the world at his feet. Yet, that didn’t seem to be enough. He threw it all away by making some really silly decisions. His wife left him, his sponsors withdrew and his golf game fell apart. As if this wasn’t enough , his body started failing him to the degree that he struggled to even stand up straight.

At the British Open last year, I clearly remember one of the commentators saying, “Tiger Woods will never win a major again. Yet, here he is, the 2019 Masters Champion after being ranked 1 199th less than a year ago, without a major win in a decade.

He didn’t allow what other people were saying about him to break his spirit. The fact that the golfing fraternity had turned their backs on him didn’t stop him believing. He wasn’t concerned that his sponsors had withdrawn. He recognised his mistakes, he accepted what was happening to him, he worked very hard to restore his integrity and he worked even harder at his golf game.

It is never too late for a comeback. You and I might sometimes feel that we have messed up so badly that there is no way out of the hole we dug for ourselves. But what you need to hear today is that there is never a hole deep enough that can keep you there. What people say about you doesn’t determine your destiny. What you allow yourself to believe, does! Whether you believe this or not, you need to know that God has a plan for your  life and the only thing that can stand in your way to fulfil that plan, is your own insecurities. Don’t allow your past mistakes to hold your future hostage.

The same power that raised Jesus from the grave is in us – if we only believe. Your “major” is waiting for your. Leave the drought of your mistakes behind, and look ahead at your fertile future.

2 thoughts on “Never too late

  1. Great reminder and so true. Our God has the power to redeem us and pull us out of any hole we dig for ourselves!

  2. Very true!

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