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The Truth


The reason for so many people’s arrogance, lies in the lies a mirror reflects. There are few things as dangerous as having a warped sense of importance because of a beautiful outward appearance. And it happens because society looks at beauty being skin deep. The truth is that the shallower we become as a society, the less effort we put into finding the depth of beauty.

The sad opposite is unfortunately also true – the struggle to love ourselves because of what we see when we look in a mirror. We often adopt society’s standards and judge ourselves on outward appearance. Why are we so willing to allow that lack of self-like to sink in deeper, and to like ourselves even less? It doesn’t only lead to depression because of what we look like, but that negative attitude becomes an infectious disease that starts tearing apart our very character. We begin to over-analyse every aspect of our past and “the enemy” is quick to jump in and assist in this self-destructive exercise.

Why can’t we see mirrors for what they are? A piece of reflective glass that helps us fix our hair and ensures that we spot the bit of shaving cream left on our ear lobe. It’s not there to be the determining factor in how we perceive ourselves. Mirrors are just things.

That’s where God can make all the difference in your life. If you believe that you are simply here by chance and that this life is a once off thing that ends when your life does, then it’s easy to wonder what the point of it all might be. All of this can’t just have happened by chance. How is it possible that from nothing, such amazing intelligence could have appeared? Everything that we create as humans, has an intelligent mind behind it. That how it came into being – the TV, cell phones, computers … How is it possible that we can even entertain the thought that the most complicated creation of them all – the human brain – happened because of a bunch of random things falling into place over a period of time?

God created us with a purpose! And in doing so, He has given us a spirit of resilience and strength. Don’t allow the lies of a mirror or the comments of society to defer you from that. You were born to win! You are the crown of His creation and that’s a fact, whatever you choose to believe (If I don’t believe that Alexander G. Bell invented the telephone, it doesn’t change the fact that he DID). Every moment we are given on this earth is precious. Don’t allow Satan to steal those precious moments away from you. Don’t waste one more moments listening to words that God isn’t saying. What He is saying is “I love you.” Believe it!


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