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Fill that Gap

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I often buy something, chuck away the instruction manual and then try to figure out how it’s meant to work. My sons would often point out some functions that I never even knew existed. We miss out on so much fun and possibilities when we don’t know all the things our phones, computers and TVs can do.

Nobody would possibly even entertain the thought that a cellphone happened by chance. That because of an explosion in a factory, the parts all just came together over time and formed a phone with all its functions. That’s a ludicrous thought. Why then do we want to believe that the universe, our world and human beings came into existence through that process? God created us!

He knit us together and formed us – from the hair (or lack of it) on our heads, to the end of our pinkie toenails. He wrote the instruction manual and he knows exactly what you and I have been created to do. He has given us all, the capacity to do so much more than we would possibly ever know. Without knowing Him, we are not living to our full potential and missing out on so much faith-filled, exciting journeys.

Knowing Jesus gives life purpose even when our circumstances suck. Knowing His love gives life purpose even when people treat us badly. Knowing His presence gives life purpose even when we’re alone. Knowing His strength gives our lives purpose even when we’re facing the biggest giant. I’ve lived doing my own thing, thinking that it was great. But once I met Jesus, I realised that following Him was not about all the things I couldn’t do anymore, but rather about the freedom there is in following Him.

Being a Christian is not about… “Don’t do this!” It’s about… “Check out the possibilities you never even knew existed!” You wouldn’t have Facebook without friends, why would you want a life without Jesus?

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