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Our Anchor


The direction your life takes is determined by your choices. We can decide which route to take when driving to meet a friend for coffee. Whichever road we choose, will still get us to our coffee date.

We make more than 30 000 choices every day. But all those choices will get us to the same place … the place that none of us can escape. No matter how rich or poor, how old or young, how famous or unknown we are, we will all get to a day when we have to say goodbye to this world.

Ultimately, every choice we make during our lifetime, is adding a link to the chain that leads to that last day. Choices eventually become habits. When I choose to live for my own gratification and every decision I make is to expand my own comfort zone, that chain becomes a bit rusty. On that last day, if we have time to look back at our lives, we would realise that building that chain with the weak links of selfish choices becomes a sad destination. It becomes a lonely place riddled with regrets.

The Good News is that while there’s life, there’s the opportunity to start a new chain of better choices. And that new life finds it’s anchor in Jesus Christ. When we choose the right Anchor, giving up won’t be an option because He Is Hope! Being selfish won’t be an option because He Is Love! Being broken won’t mean the end, because He Is Restorer! And feeling lost won’t last because He Is The Way! When we choose Life in Him, it means to live sacrificially for others, but the crazy thing is that it makes US feel great.┬áNow, when we get to the last link of that chain of decisions, there will just be love, hope and thankfulness. We will know that our chain is anchored strongly and that our eternity is secured with Him.

No matter how old you are or what you’ve done, Jesus is inviting you to anchor your chain to Him. The crazy decisions you might have made, will be forgotten by Him and He will make all things new in your life, including a brand new starting link to a chain of hope, love and restoration. All you have to do is make that choice.

Have an awesome day!



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