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Think it Through


I once heard a story of a man who accidentally locked himself in a refrigerator train carriage. What’s strange about this story is that the freezer system wasn’t working at the time. The man knew what he was locked in, but never knew that it was switched off. The next morning, they found him frozen to death!

Our mind is a powerful thing. The way we think can affect our reality. We can think ourselves sick, sad or angry. Every situation that presents itself has 2 options. When a road hog drives like a chop in front of me, I have the power to decide what my response will be. Sadly, I often choose to lose it.

Being disrespected for no reason leaves me with two options. I can allow it to knock my self-esteem, or I can remind myself that my confidence is not rooted in the way peopleĀ  treat me. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed makes no difference. Waking up with the wrong mindset is what really affects your day.

What we think becomes what we say – becomes how we respond – becomes our reality. The secret is, to understand that the mind and the heart need to work together. When we have the knowledge, we need to allow it to sink into our hearts. When we have the morals and values in our hearts, we need to allow it to sink into our minds. So, when we as Christians have unconditional love for those around us in our hearts, our minds need to understand that, and react accordingly when that love needs to be demonstrated. In the same way, when that little voice in your head prompts you to give in to that temptation, allow the love in your heart to take over and to say “No!”

That Christ-like way of thinking means that we don’t just go with our feelings. If Jesus did that He wouldn’t have died for our sins. He didn’t feel like suffering but He knew that His thinking had to supersede His feelings on that occasion. When we begin to renew our minds (Rom. 12:1-2) and set them on the things above, not on earth (Col. 3:2), we will be completely changed. that is when our lives become victorious. That’s when the world won’t see worn out and negative Christians anymore.

That’s the change needed for the world to be attracted to the difference that Christianity makes.

Have an amazing day.


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