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Real love is blind


A young lady once thought she would give this “church thing” a go. Her life was falling apart and she needed someone to say that she matters. This was her last hope. Digging deep into her memory bank, she could vaguely remember hearing that God is love and that He cared about everyone. And if God is love it should be obvious that those who follow Him should reflect some of that love.

Do we as Christians reflect that “blind Love” that Jesus came to show us. He never used His sight when He came to die. He never first looked at whether a person was dressed appropriately, or cleanly shaven, or tatooless (not sure that’s a word). His love has never been dependant on whether our arms were free of needle marks or our attitudes were great. His love is, and always has been blind. He doesn’t need to see anything before He loves – He just loves unconditionally.

That’s the Jesus we follow. We often sing our nice church songs and pray our pretty prayers asking Jesus to help us be more like Him, but are we really willing to be more like Him? Are we really wanting to love without looking? Being a Christian is not a walk in the park. It’s a tough gig because it goes against everything our human nature tells us and everything society is trying to teach us. It’s a bit of an oxymoron.

  • It’s a lonely journey but we’re never alone
  • It’s a heavy journey but we have Him to carry our burdens
  • It’s an overwhelming journey, but we have Him tellings us not to fear

That young lady trying to find acceptance in church was judged and she wanted nothing more to do with Jesus or His followers. Let’s make sure that it never happens again. Let’s be the blind love that the world needs. Let’s stop telling people what we don’t stand for. It’s time that they know what we do stand for……. Loving without needing to look! 

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