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The Edge


Getting to the edge shouldn’t make us want to turn back. The Edge is where it all begins. The Edge is where life really gets exciting.  It’s where our lives are defined. It’s where our character is built and our faith is tested.

Taking that first step of faith from dry ground into the ocean of possibilities is the most difficult one. Once we experience God’s presence in an environment where WE aren’t in total control anymore – that’s where faith steps in. Being on solid ground and in control of things in our lives is easy. Knowing where our next paycheck is coming from is easy. Knowing we have a comfortable bed to sleep in every night is easy. Knowing we have a choice of 3 meals each day is easy. Knowing that there are people dying each day of hunger and thirst, and turning a blind eye to it because it’s not our problem, is easy.

Sometimes we sooth our own conscience by sending a bit of money to Compassion to help a child. It’s easy to give when it doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t impact our comfort zone. Jesus talks about this sacrificial giving in the Gospels. Some people were giving large sums of money, but there was one lady who had nothing, yet gave everything. She had a heart for giving. Giving something out of abundance is a good start, but giving everything from a position of need, is sacrificial giving.

A woman who was in need of charity herself, gave her last meal to Elijah. That is giving when it hurts. That is putting other people’s needs before our own wants. That is having a Jesus heart with a mustard seed faith. God Himself said that He is sick of our religious attitudes and gatherings when it’s not done with the right attitude. “If you haven’t done it for the least of these, you haven’t done it for Me” is referring to our involvement in the lives of the poor, the abandoned and the suffering. Until we’ve been to places where people are in dire straits, we will always have a misconception of what “need” really means.

There’s a reason why Peter stepping out of the boat is such a significant part of Scripture. God wants us to trust Him. It is scientifically impossible to walk on water. Peter knew that and Jesus knows that. What Jesus is doing here is asking Peter to trust Him with something that is totally out of Peter’s control, but not Jesus’. As long as we keep our eyes on Him while we step off solid land, where we are in control, and step into the water, where we have no control, He will provide and protect.

Take that leap of faith! We don’t need a Plan B when we are in God’s will. He will give us everything we need to fulfil everything that He calls us to.

Have an awesome day!

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