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I Believe


Sometimes God doesn’t move the mountains. Sometimes it’s more important that He moves our attitudes and focus from the obstacle, to Him. We love to run to God for help when things fall apart, yet ignore Him in times of prosperity. We do that as individuals and as a society. We shake our fists at God, blaming Him for bad things that happen. Even those who claim that God doesn’t exist are inclined to do that.

Growing up, I knew that my parents loved me and wanted the best for my life. In spite of that… I had my heart broken, I was sexually abused by a teacher, I failed tests at school, I lost sport matches, I lost friends to illnesses and I saw loved ones destroy their lives using drugs and alcohol and was on that same road to destruction myself. My life was far from perfect and, no matter how much they wanted to protect me, they couldn’t stop these things from happening to me.

When I look back today, I wish those things never happened, but I see how they have helped to build my character. They happened because we live in a world of sin and messed up priorities where we sometimes make messed up choices. It was during those times that I realised I needed hope and reassurance that I was going to be okay. I found a God who makes all things new. He took those ruins and gave me victory.

The more I trusted Him, the easier it was to take my focus off the things that weren’t always going the way I wanted them to, and turning my eyes to what He wanted for me. So here I am… Just a nobody in the eyes of the world, sharing about a God who wants to give you a life of purpose and inner joy if you will only take your eyes off the mountain in front of you, and focus one The One who created you, heaven, earth and the mountains.

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