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The Rope that never fails


Every challenge we go through tests the strength of life’s resilience ropes. Each trial we experience builds our character by adding another strand to that rope.

Our continual pursuit for comfort is weakening our resilience and creating a society that is unable to deal with difficulties. Today we have more luxuries than ever before. In spite of that seeming achievement of success, more people than ever before are stressed, depressed and suicidal. 10% of the US population and 28% of people in the UK seek therapy, with the numbers growing each year. The interesting thing is that these nations are in the top 5 wealthiest countries in the world.

There’s a reason that God allows us to experience difficulties in life. If everything went smoothly every day, we wouldn’t see the need for Him. We would try to to find our strength, and identity in ropes of materialism and status. These ropes are never strong enough to hold us up when we feel down. Resulting in a feeling of hopelessness and loss of security – not knowing where to turn. And so, we turn to drugs, alcohol, sex and anything else that might numb the pain. And that’s why the world is in crisis.

There are so many things I don’t know, but one thing I am sure of is that when life gives its best shot and tries to weaken my resilience, I find my strength in Him. I don’t need material things or people to tell me what my worth is. I know my value in the eyes of My Father and that is a rope that keeps me from falling into despair every single time I am confronted with things. I am weary of too much comfort. I recognise the value of trials. And I find my peace and security in Jesus Christ – the rope that never fails!

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