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You’ve already won


I grew up struggling with a lack of confidence. It was all a comparison game. “This one is smarter and that one is more talented than me” I would say to myself. It was all about “downtalking” my achievements as luck, and “uptalking” my failures as not being good enough, going through most of my life feeling inferior and unworthy of anything.

I felt myself wandering around the wilderness for about 40 years. A complete and utter waste of half of my life because I wasn’t prepared to hear what God thought of me. the  Israelites had been given the same option as they stood in front of the Promised Land. God told them to check out the land that He had already decided to give them. It was a done deal. All they had to do was believe it. Ten of the 12 guys played the comparison game. They compared themselves to the people in Canaan and felt inferior. The Canaanites saw them as inferior and there was nothing they could do about that. But they had control over how they saw themselves. 

Don’t allow the way that other people see and treat you at school, at work or even at church, change the way that you see yourself. You cannot control what other people say or think, but you have total control over how you view yourself. You are unique and were put on this earth for a unique reason. Nobody else can compete with your purpose. It’s yours! Even when those around you seem like giants, there’s a David in you and me that doesn’t need to be intimidated.

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  1. Very Very true! No one can be you, love your quote it’s very inspiring <3

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