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Living your story


We all have a story to tell. It’s a story that gets a message across better when it’s seen. Talking about our lives is easy. Creating a glorified version of our lives on social media is even easier.

Living louder has nothing to do with volume, but everything to do with silent action. We all want to create an impression of ourselves. But it’s not about creating an impression as much as it is sharing a true version. The best way to do that is to let your actions shout so loud, that your words aren’t necessary. Talk has never fed anyone, clothed anyone or led anyone in the right direction. Actions do that!

The vital thing about “Living Louder”, is not doing it to impress others, but doing it to impress ourselves. It’s in living louder that we attempt the things we are passionate about, and do the things that we believe we were born to do. The result is confidence (not arrogance) and purpose. And when we are confident and purposeful, we will push the boundaries even further and attempt things that we would previously never have dreamt of doing. Mountains become molehills and icebergs soon melt away.

It’s in “Living louder” that our character is built and others are inspired to do the same.

Have an awesome day!

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