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Let’s get this straight!


Knowing what is important is vital if we want to live a fulfilling life. One day, when we look back at our lives, what would it be that we regret the most? The answer to that question would make it pretty clear as to what is really important. It has nothing to do with what society does or the way society tries to convince us to chase after things that steal our time.

Because we don’t consider the important things carefully, we get caught up in the rat race. And the thing about finding ourselves there is that, even if we win or succeed, we’re still rats. All that means is that we have succeeded in something that doesn’t really make a difference… it doesn’t leave the world a better place.

Let’s make a decision today to attempt something that is important – something that will positively impact the lives of others, and in doing so, bring meaning to our own. Let’s use our energy to leave the world a better place, rather than leaving our own lives void of fulfilment.

Have an amazing day and weekend!


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