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It’s time to land!


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A passion helps nobody if it stays in the air… in your mind… in your heart. You need to get it on the ground to get it off the ground.

We so often use the word “passion” in the wrong context. We often confuse it with lust and greed. Passion is something that God gives us. He is the example of true passion when He came to show His love for us. He wasn’t going to allow anything to stop Him from putting that love into action.

My excuse for so long has been a lack of finances or a lack of support or a ….. and the list goes on. These are things “The Chatterbox” keeps whispering in your ear to get you side-tracked. And soon your focus moves from that God-given passion to something that’s a “2nd choice”. It might still be good but it’s not that one thing that you know God called you to.

Jesus never needed money, the acknowledgement of others or anything else to live out His passion. He had so many people trying to side-track Him but he never allowed Himself to be distracted. Our world is filled with distractions and we are losing the resilience to fight them off. There are no excuses. God calls us to love Him and others. You don’t need money to do that because money can’t buy love and it’s not only the Beatles that believe that. You don’t need people’s approval to do that. You don’t need to wait for the right time to do that. It’s always the right time to love.

The specific passion you have always needs to start with love. And when you pursue that passion, rooted in love – not self-promotion – it will soon grow into something more specific and more clear.  It’s taken me years to realise this plain and simple truth. I have settled for 2nd best because I didn’t get these simple basics. My real passion has always been in the air, never coming to fruition, while I just went with alternate things because it seemed to make more sense and it was the easy road to follow.

Join me today in saying “No more!” Lower the landing gear and approach the runway to the #1 passion God has given you.

My prayer is that your landing will be smooth, the impact will be great and God will get the glory!

Have an amazing day!


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