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I’m still growing


Not sure about you but there are so many mountains in front of me at the moment. So many decisions that need to be made about the next chapter and so many frustrating obstacles that seem to thwart my momentum.

After numerous attempts trying to scale Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary stood in front of the largest natural thing on terra firma and challenged it. It was more about encouraging himself than telling the mountain off, because obviously no mountain can hear what we say to it. His words to Mt Everest were, “I will come again and conquer you because as a mountain you cannot grow… but as a human, I can!”  The encouraging thing is that I am growing as I face these challenges. It’s what builds my character!

When attempts don’t work out the way we would like them to, we often feel like failures. Our attempts might have failed, but that doesn’t make a person a failure. And when an attempt fails, it hasn’t really failed at all, it has merely shown us the way not to do it. It’s during those times we need to remind ourselves that we haven’t exhausted all our options. There’s always one more option if only there is enough passionate and belief in what we are doing.

So go out there today, put on your backpack and take on that mountain. It may be big but it’s never insurmountable!

Have an amazing day!

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  1. Love the quote and very true <3

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