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Fill up with the “Right Stuff”


How often would you fill your car’s tank up with sand? If your answer was all the time, I’ve got someone that can help you with your strange habit. Now I don’t know much about cars. but I do know that you wouldn’t get the best performance if you did that. In fact, it wouldn’t perform at all. It might still turn heads and look nice, but it’s not going anywhere.

If we make sure that we fill our cars up with the right stuff, why are we content to not look after ourselves in the same way. Do yourself a favour and watch this clip:

Marc Mero makes a very interesting comment: “You show me your friends and I’ll show you your futures.” You see, when we spend most of our time with people who do the wrong things, we are filling our lives with the wrong things. When we spend 4 or 5 hours a day watching TV, that’s the type of performance we’ll produce. When we spend 3 hours a day on social media, (where everyone is trying to make everyone else believe that their life is perfect because they only always post their “highlight reel moments”) we are filling our lives with envy and comparison.

You are a unique, finely tuned creation. God has created you with the potential for amazing performance. But it’s never going to happen if we keep filling our tanks with things that they weren’t meant to be filled with. Let’s fill our lives with positive influences, positive people and spend our time on things that really matter. Let’s become that person who will be a positive role model to others because we fill our lives with the things that make us perform the way God intended us to.

Have an amazing day!

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