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There’s a reason

There are times when we feel aimless. When we feel as if we don’t belong and nobody understands us. Those are the times when we feel alone and struggle to understand our purpose.

You are here for a reason. Your heart is still beating because you have a God-given purpose that only you can fulfil the way it’s meant to be done. God has woven you into the tapestry of the purpose of His design. It doesn’t matter what people might say, God isĀ  cheering you on. You are an integral part of life’s symphony.

Don’t listen to “The Chatterbox” in your head trying to talk you out of playing your part, telling you it is insignificant. You have something to say, in a way that only you can say, that will have a life-changing affect on someone. You have something you need to do, in a way that only you can do, that will rock someone’s world. Go and encourage that person. Go and bless that person… and the next one… and the next one.

You are who God says you are, not what others might say, or even what you might think. He says you are precious and worth dying for. If Jesus thinks that I am worth dying for, then He is certainly worth living for.

Have an amazing day!


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