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Take that Risk


Noah was taking a huge risk when he started building a boat, which by the way, was something that was never seen before on earth up until that time. HE was well past retirement age when he started building. He was risking his health! He was risking his reputation and how people would view his soundness of mind. He was risking the possibility of wasting the part of his life that he was meant to sit on his rocking chair and watch the world do their thing.

Now we might think that stepping out in faith is a risk. Maybe that’s true if we feel that we need to be in control of every situation, because having faith means you take your own hands off the situation and you allow God complete control. The danger of this is that things might not turn out the way we would have liked them to. That’s the danger of stepping out in faith and taking a risk.

Taking a risk isn’t easy! Having faith and trusting God completely in a situation can be hair-raising at times. But it’s a life of adventure. It gets the adrenaline pumping and it is filled with surprises and miracles. Go do that thing that God is calling you to do. Expect that it won’t work out the way you expected it to – it will work out far better than you could ever have imagined. And, on the way, you are going to learn so much that it will become a way of life for you.

Have an awesome day!

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