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All we need is love lalalalala!


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One thing that this world needs a whole lot of, is some good, positive input. The kind of input that encourages and gives hope. Hopelessness seems to intoxicate so many people. Peer pressure steals our identity.  Abandonment and loneliness sometimes causes us to do things to impress others even though we know it’s not who we really are.

If you have Jesus in your life and you have a personal relationship with Him… you have the answer. You don’t need to bible bash anyone. You just need to love. Because loves covers a multitude of sins, and love changes everything. Sharing love means sharing Jesus and sharing Jesus means you open up the minds and hearts of others to new possibilities and to new ways of approaching life… an approach full of hope and confidence.

When we start to do that, prisons in people’s lives will be broken down, their chains will be shattered and their lives will be free.

Have an amazing day!

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