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One by One


I recently heard Andy Gourley speak about the organisation that he founded. It’s called Red Frogs. They’re a bunch of Christian volunteers who are the living church. They focus on Schoolies in Australia where young adults who finish school, get together in large numbers to celebrate the end of their school careers. I’m sure you can imagine the parties and chaos that goes hand in hand with such gatherings.

They don’t go there to judge or to preach. All they do is drive teenagers to their accommodation who are too intoxicated to do so themselves, help kids who have passed out, and keep young people who are involved in risky behaviour, safe. Andy says that he has no talent to sing, play an instrument or to preach (although I cannot agree with the last one), but he can skateboard. So, he used the one gift that he knew he had, to take some young guys, who were up to no good, skateboarding for 3 hours a week. This one small act of kindness changed the lives of these young boys forever. Today they are doing the same for others and Red Frogs is involved with looking out for more than 1 million Aussie young people.

It is essential that we understand something: It’s about making a difference for one. It’s about speaking into the life of one. It’s about loving one. When we put effort into the ones, they soon add up to become many. Let’s open the ears of our heart and hear who the “one” is that God is calling us to spend time with and reach out to, in love. And then, go do it.

This might be the time for you to be the one that is encouraged and reached out to. We all have those times. Accept the encouragement and enjoy the love. But then, when things are working out for you, remember to do the same for others. Let’s go encourage and love the world, one person at a time.

Have an amazing day.

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