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Ups and Downs


We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced times when our successes have made us think a bit more of ourselves than we ought to. But the opposite is also true. During those down times when we tried and failed, we often forgot that our failed attempts don’t make us a failure. It’s the attempt that was a failure, not me.

This mixture of success and failure is a recipe for disaster if we approach it in the wrong way. If we allow our failures to get to our hearts and our successes to get to our heads, our lives will be a roller-coaster of ups and downs. The way for life to be a “smoother ride” is to bring God into the equation.

When I attribute my successes to God and the gifts and talents He has given me, it will never go to my head… it will go to His glory. The same is true for my failures. Because I sometimes fail at what I attempt, doesn’t make me a loser. It’s during those times that things aren’t going my way, that I grow. It’s during those times that God draws near and wants me to trust Him. The enemy continuously reminds us of all our failures and replays them in our minds. But he can only do that if we allow him. On the other hand, God is carrying us through those storms and asking us to trust Him. Don’t let your failures get to your heart… hand them to Jesus. He’s got you!

If we become despondent when we make mistakes and allow it to get to our hearts, we will become arrogant when we succeed and allow it to get to our heads. Therefore, in failure and success, hand it to God. Praise Him in the sunshine as well as in the storm.

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