Don’t miss the miracles


We often pray for miracles to happen and wonder where God is, when there are miracles playing out around us all the time.

We live on a blue planet, flying through space at 107 000 km/h without moving a cm off its course, while circling a ball of fire that is exactly the right distance away. Our amazing round planet is spinning at a speed of 1 600 km/h, and none of us seem to be flying all over the place or falling off because we are hanging upside down. While this is happening, a moon is spinning around us that controls the tides. That sounds pretty ridiculously, miraculous to me.

When I saw my sons born, the tears were flowing because God made me aware of the miracle of life. Each one of us is a miracle. You and I were winners in the race at conception. We overcame the odds of millions to one and won the race. And here we are… Miracles and winners.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough. Don’t let anyone make you feel useless. You are a miraculous winner and God created you for a reason. Don’t allow any circumstances to blind to the miracle of life. There is no place that you can reach in this world, that God’s grace cannot find you. You were born for a time such as this. You have a place and a purpose in this world and that is a miracle in my eyes.

God bless and have an amazing day!

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