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Not another day…


Not sure who this is for today, but we all need to be reminded of God’s amazing grace. We live in a world where things are said without much thought going into it and where things are done without any consideration about the consequences.

We live in a world of survival of the fittest and where we don’t dare to appear weak. But deep down, we are all dealing with hurts. We sometimes hang on to hurtful things that have been said to us. We take to heart some of the undeserved things that have been done to us… and it hurts. And sometimes, the enemy will remind us of those things. His agenda is to make us doubt ourselves. He wants us to believe the lies that we aren’t good enough; that we aren’t cool enough; that we have nothing to offer! He wants us to believe that nobody cares and that we are a mistake.

Not sure about you but I’ve experienced that dark place before. But let me tell you the truth. You were created by God and you are destined for great things. Satan knows that and now he’s trying to convince you otherwise. Melodie Noel sings an awesome song that reminds us of this…

“…You don’t make mistakes
And You didn’t start with me…                                                                                                              We long for validation that already                                                                                                    came from you…”

There is nothing you can do, or no place you can be, where God’s grace can’t and won’t find you. His grace is for every single person. And that is why, as Christians, God is calling us to LOVE. That’s all we need to do. And that is something God is teaching me.

Jesus is saying to me, “Love those who don’t love you back, because that’s what I did for you. I loved Barabbas and died in his place. He didn’t recognise what I did for him, but I loved him anyway… and died for him, a murderer and a cheat.”

For so many years in my life I never recognised what Jesus did for me because I was too concerned with me! I was too wrapped up trying to get people to like me by doing terrible things, when, all along, Jesus loved me completely. If only I realised earlier that  He was always on my side and that He loved me in spite of what I was doing with my life. I thank God every day for His grace and that I know Him in a real way.

My prayer for those who don’t know Him, is that you will realise how much God loves you. You are unbelievably precious to Him and He would like nothing more than to draw close to you.

My prayer for all of who know Him, is that we will learn to always act in love and grace to everyone. We are not called to judge and look down on anyone… we are called to love and let us do that completely so that the world can see the true character of God through us. Let’s not let another day go by without reflecting His unconditional love to everyone.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you would like to know more about Jesus or if you would like to leave some words of encouragement.

Have an awesome day.

3 thoughts on “Not another day…

  1. Amen, God’s grace is all sufficient and we do not have to try and earn it, He gives it freely to us because of His great love for us. Let us show the same love to others.

  2. Amen to this. For a long time I was angry and hurt and blamed God; it was living in darkness. I had no sense of forgiveness and peoples words stung; they still do. But when I am hurting the most I turn to God and I know he wants to love those who hate me; people who cant accept. Thank you for this post; its exactly what i needed to hear today

    1. Thanks so much for that. Yes, He is indeed asking to take up our cross, but it is more than worth it. Great to connect.

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