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Don’t look back


Our past is there to learn from, our present is here to live to the full (or as my friend Kurt often says, “Carpe Diem”) and our future is there to keep us focused.

When Elisha was called to the purpose that God had for Him in 1 Kings 19, he did something strange. Before his calling, he was a farmer. His oxen and plough was everything to him… it was his identity as a farmer. Sometimes we have things in our lives that we find our identity in. But, like Elisha, God is calling you to something bigger in 2019. He has something for you that is unique. Something that will change the entire landscape you find yourself in. And something that will require you to re-evaluate things.

So what did Elisha do that was so strange? Well, we burnt his plough, slaughtered the oxen and had a BBQ for the people. He was going to walk away from the place he was at, to the place where God was calling him to go, without keeping his farming equipment in case things didn’t work out. There was no plan B. This was it and he was giving it everything he had.

Are you and I willing to accept the call he has for us and not allow fear to breed doubt. Let’s allow our fear to be replaced by trust and our doubt to be replaced by faith. Let 2019 be the year that we walk away from our comfort and complacency, towards a future of trust, faith and exciting times. Use the past to learn from, the present to give it your all, and the future to envision great things.

Isaiah 43:18-19                                                                                                                                   “Do not cling to events of the past
    or dwell on what happened long ago.
  Watch for the new thing I am going to do.
    It is happening already—you can see it now!
  I will make a road through the wilderness
    and give you streams of water there.” 

Have an awesome day!

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