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Already there

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A friend of mine from Canada phoned me this morning to wish us a happy 2019. It was still “yesterday” in Montreal and He was on his way to family to see the new year in, while us in Australia were well into the new year.

It almost made me feel as if we were living in the future. The amazing thing is that God IS already in our future. He is paving the way and opening doors for us as we speak. If we put all our trust and faith in Him, and trust Him with our future, all fear and trepidation will be replaced by peace and excitement.

A few nights ago we had dinner with friends of ours and they were sharing about how God is already in our future and that the things He is calling us to do is already alive in Him. Last night we spent New Year’s Eve with other friends and the same conversation came up. The fact that we don’t need to hesitate when we feel God calling us to do something. We can tackle it with confidence, knowing that He is already there, making a way.

My prayer for you for 2019 is that there will be no more procrastination. That you will follow the call on your life, knowing that God is already there, making a way. The fact that you might be nervous is a good thing. It means that you realise your dependence on God.

Be blessed and have a mind-blowing 2019.



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