Happy New Year

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You might have had an awesome 2018, or maybe you didn’t. Whatever the case may be, we are standing at the door of a new year. No doubt you and I have things we would like to achieve in 2019.

I have big plans for the new year and I know that they are impossible to achieve in my own strength and ability. That’s where faith comes in and that’s what makes the journey so exciting. When we live by faith and not by what we see or what people might say, things happen that will blow us away. God tells us that He has given us a spirit of power and love. Let’s take that to heart and enter the new year with confidence. Let’s make it a year of love, faith and impact.

My prayer for you is that 2019 will be a definitive year. A year in which you will step out in faith, will be bold and will make this world a better place. May The Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you.

Happy New Year


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